Sunday / September 23 / 2018

Identification Procedures

A)     Admissions:

All the student applying for Grade 2 and above appear for the CAT4 tests as part of the admission processes. The Admissions staff contact the Head of student support regarding the new applicants, should their scores not be in the average range.  The admissions department collate data from previous school reports for all students from K-12 and contact the Head of student support, if required. In addition, the admissions personnel are well versed with the identification procedure of students with SEND and aware of some indicators of disabilities. They contact the Head of Student support regarding any relevant new admission, as deemed appropriate.

The Head of student support then liaises with the Heads of PS/SS to finalise the admissions. Upon successful completion of the admission, the students receive the support for SEND, Highly Able or English language support, as per merit.

B)      Teacher Referrals:

Individual teachers can refer any student to the student support department throughout the academic year. The referral form duly filled by classroom / subject teachers is sent to the Head of student support. This referral form alongside the standardised testing data, teacher observations and parent / student interviews help in making decisions regarding the support provisions needed to cater to individual needs of our students.

SEND - The teacher referral form is followed by observations by the learning support teacher, internal screening assessments and discussions with parents, to make appropriate provision for students with SEND. In line with the DSIB guideline, we support students with SEND with or without external educational psychologists' assessment report. The school also helps the parents in making the learning support assistant (LSA) provision available, if needed.

Highly Able - Teachers complete the Gifted and Talented Evaluation Scales (GATES) screener forms. These are evaluated by the Head of Student support and a TAG register is developed, which is further reviewed by the Head of Secondary/Primary section to determine whether the student merits the TAG program. The comprehensive TAG caseload register is shared with all the relevant staff.

EAL- Teachers fill the referral form and send it to the Head of student support. This is followed by an observation and a placement test by the EAL teacher. Based on the findings, the EAL support is provided for the academic year.

C)      GL assessment data based referrals:

All students appear for standardized testing at the beginning of the academic year. The Cognitive Ability Testing (CAT4) combined with the Progress tests data play an important role in the identification of students with SEND, Highly able or those with EAL needs. The Head of Student support is responsible for analysing the standardised testing data for the whole school.