Wednesday / March 20 / 2019

Students of Determination

 “The concept of inclusive education lies at the heart of effective education. It encompasses the principles of diversity, personalization, equity, respect, acceptance and enrichment. When we improve the quality of inclusion within our schools, we improve education for all” (Dubai Inclusive Education Policy Framework, 2017).

Raffles World Academy (RWA) upholds the principles of the Dubai Disabilities Strategy to assure and protect the rights and access to equitable opportunities for people of determination through the services of its Inclusion Action Team. Our inclusion provisions are developed with an eye on our school’s strategic improvement plan for inclusion, which is geared towards meeting the Dubai Inclusive Education Policy Framework by 2020.

The Inclusion Team works across the entire school to put in place special educational needs provision that is an integral part of the program on offer, working side by side with teachers and leaders to cultivate inclusion as an essential feature of RWA. In addition to the school’s Principal, the Head of Primary, the Head of Secondary, the Head of Inclusion and the Inclusion Support Teachers, all members of staff have specific responsibilities in providing every student access to the curriculum. This makes the continuous cycle of identifying, planning, teaching, learning, assessing and evaluating vital to the process as it requires every teacher to take into account the wide range of abilities, aptitudes and interests of the students. At RWA, we encourage students of determination to be a part of the activities of the school, wherever possible and reasonably practical, whilst being considerate of optimal learning for all students present. Personalized learning is implemented within the learning environment to ensure progress of all students, highlighting how inclusion is of benefit to every member of the community.