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Languages at RWA

The Raffles World Academy Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) department is committed to broadening pupils’ understanding of the world and developing strong, long-life linguistic skills. Along with learning new topics, reinforcing knowledge every lesson introduces key aspects of learning a language: we give pupils plenty of opportunity to practice and to remember important vocabulary and grammar using a great variety of techniques and activities. Our aim is that every student becomes an independent language learner and makes a creative use of the language.

The department also endeavors to make learning languages fun and meaningful, providing pupils with many opportunities for collaboration and independent work in each lesson. The department also promotes cultural understanding as a vital element of language learning by organizing trips abroad and reflecting on cultural differences and real life issues throughout the different stages.


Grade 2-5: Key Stage 2:

Students have the choice to start with either French or Mandarin and continue with the language in the secondary school. They have 2 lessons of foreign language per week.

Grade 6-8: Key Stage 3: Cambridge Lower Secondary Program

These three languages are offered in grade 6. We recommend that the student continues with the same language started in primary school unless there is a significant change in the interest. Then, all students will continue with the same language chosen in grade 6 until at least grade 10.

Grade 9-10: Key Stage 4: IGCSE

At this stage we offer French, Spanish and Mandarin for IGCSE. All students will continue in IGCSE with the language that they started in grade 6. Although we have French for beginner class in grade 9, the IGCSE is not a program suited for beginners of the language as it requires 2-3 prior years of one the languages cited. We also offer the possibility to some student to pass the IGCSE with their first language. Note that these first languages are offered on a self-study base and upon request and approval of the IGCSE coordinator.

Grade 11-12: Key Stage 5: DP program

Students can choose Spanish or French ab initio if they decide to start a new language or go deeper with the same language in Spanish B or French B. The two language B can be taken as higher or standard options. It’s worth pointing that the language B program are very demanding so unless the student does not achieve a B or higher in IGCSE, we recommend that the student chooses an ab initio program.