Wednesday / March 20 / 2019

Tech @ RWA


UAE National Day Assembly




Technology is an integral part of education at Raffles World Academy (RWA). Digital technologies provide unique potential to transform our students’ learning experience by helping them collaborative learning environments. Our school’s approach towards technology is that we see it as a tool that supports the learning process. As a school we still firmly believe in developing skills such as handwriting and bookwork, just as we believe in developing key 21st century skills such as communication and collaboration, critical thinking and creativity.

At RWA students have access to a wide range of school-provided technology including computer labs, iPad and laptop trolleys and other technology such as Bee Bots in our KG area. In addition to this we have 1:1 (iPad to student) and Bring Your Own Device approaches from Grade 2-12 in our school, where students are able to bring their own technology to school to support their learning.