Wednesday / March 20 / 2019

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UAE National Day Assembly


1:1 Programme 

In Grades 3-5, we have a number of 1:1 (iPad to student) classes where each child brings their own iPad to school each day to support their learning. The 1:1 programme has been running at RWA for 2 years, starting with one pilot class in 2013-14. We have now moved to having almost 60% of our classes in Grades 3-5 as 1:1 classes in 2015-16, with 12 classes in total. At RWA, technology is a key part of education. Digital technologies provide unique potential to dynamically transform our students’ learning experience. They enhance the opportunities for them to be engaged thinkers, active global citizens and central participants in the learning process. Today’s digital technologies enable students to not only do things differently; they allow them to do things that would otherwise not be possible inside classrooms using traditional learning tools. Having said this, research shows that technology use in the classroom does not have a positive impact if it is not used effectively.

For more information about the 1:1 Programme please refer to this Frequently Asked Question