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Student Leadership

Students at RWA have a range of opportunities to play a role in the life of our school and develop their own leadership skills. Our school has a variety of student-driven councils, from The Student Representative Council to the Interact Club. Each committee offers students the chance to voice their opinions and to create the change they wish to see at RWA. Below is a list of these committees, as well as an explanation of each.

Student Prefects

RWA has a select body of Grade 11 students who are nominated and selected to be the Senior Prefects at the school. After an intense period of campaigning, the Head Boy and Head Girl are elected by the Grade 5 and high school students, as well as the teaching body. Prefects take on leadership roles within the student body of the school. They are the embodiment of honesty, integrity, care and commitment, as well as role models for their peers, conducting themselves in a manner that sets an example for the rest of the student body. They assist with daily duties and whole school events, liaise and assist other whole-school bodies such as the Student Representative Council and the Anti-Bullying Committee.

Student Representative Council

The Student Representative Council (SRC) is an advocate body for the students of RWA, representing their interests and helping to drive our school improvement.



The Eco-team includes student members from primary and secondary school, as well as teachers, members of the administration, and parents. Their objective is to keep Raffles World Academy environmentally friendly and to create environmental awareness

For more information, Please click on the link to see their blog: 

Anti-Bullying Committee

The Anti-Bullying Committee is the council which aims to raise awareness of bullying and takes charge to reduce bullying incidents, in the community. It is also a student-led council and hosts many events such as bake sales, assemblies and workshops.


Interact Club

The Interact Club gives students ages 14-18 the chance to make a real difference while having fun. The Interact Club carries out service projects which helps the community and is dedicated to promote international understanding. The Interact Club is sponsored by The Rotary Club in Dubai.

The Learning Council

The mission of the Learning Council is to acquire and voice student feedback in enhancing learning at RWA. The Learning council is made up of primary and secondary school. It is student-led and a newly formed council.