Innoventures Education provides holistic learning and values students who excel in sporting activities. At Innoventures Education, one vital goal is to enable promising athletes to reach their full potential by participating in high-level competitions while developing their academic, social and emotional skills.

We cultivate and support young and talented athletes at all levels, and intend to recognise distinguished performers who are able to qualify for a sports scholarship programme. Once inducted into this programme, the student will experience some of the most rewarding moments in his/her life.


  • Represent their country, region or city in one or more sports.
  • Demonstrate outstanding ability, dedication and potential. 
  • Represent their school in their chosen sport.
  • Make a significant contribution to the sport at their school and inspire others as a role model.
  • Consistently achieve closely monitored academic individual targets throughout the year


  • Returning students - apply for the scholarship between 1st and 20th of June for the following academic year.
  • New students - apply for the scholarship alongside the admission application.


Scholarship applications will be methodically evaluated by the Scholarship panel on an individual basis.
Awardees will be required to sign the following documents: “Terms and Conditions of the Scholarship”, the “Letter of Agreement” and the “Code of Conduct”.
Yearly process - The applicant will apply for the renewal of scholarships on an annual basis (automatic renewal will not apply) between 15th and 25th of May of the current academic year for the next year.

Criteria & Benefits:

  • A limited number of scholarships will be available in the following categories:
  • International athletes (representing their home country and our schools at international level).
  • Inter-Emirate level athletes (representing their club/school at inter-Emirate level).
  • Recommendation by a professionally qualified coach or organisation identifying a student who has a unique talent.
  • The scholarship awarded will be a percentage discount of the tuition fees.
  • The decision of the school will be final.  The school reserves the right to withdraw or change the terms of the promotion at its own discretion, at any time.

How to Apply

In order to proceed with the application process candidates should:

  1. Complete the online IVEI Sport Scholarship Application Form
  2. Send email to [email protected]  with attached:
  • Authenticated copies of full school reports for the last 2 academic years
  • Two reference letters (Please note: one of which must be your current school and/or club, national or personal coach) 

The title of the email should mention: IVEI Sports Scholarship Application + the candidate’s full name

Deadline for completion of scholarship application steps is 25th May 2022 / 20th June 2022, for 2022-2023.

Applications submitted after this date will not considered valid.

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