The School clinic provides primary and preventive healthcare to the community.

RWA clinic is licensed by Dubai Health Authorities’ regulation Department; staffed by one full time doctor and 2 full time nurses, DHA licensed and certified in CPR and AED.

The School clinic is spacious enough to accommodate a large number of students and includes an examination, treatment and observation rooms.

The clinic is equipped with necessary medical equipment and supplies to provide quality and prompt first aid (Oxygen cylinder, 2 wheelchairs, stretcher, adrenalin, AED and Epipen). It is well maintained and disinfected on regular basis with adequate ventilation and lighting with a washroom facility and a close access to the exit.

The health team provides routine medical checkup for all new students.

The clinic team co ordinates with the staff and parents to provide excellent healthcare for students.

Afterschool activities and sporting events that place at the school are all covered by the medical team.

Prior to admission, parents are required to read, sign and submit the Health Pack to the school clinic.

A recent copy of the Original vaccination card is also required as per Dubai Health Authorities guidelines

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