Raffles World Academy

PYP Exhibition 2020-2021

The IBPYP exhibition is an important milestone in our students' journey as they come to the end of the Primary Years Program. It serves as a culmination of the five essential elements of the PYP, namely skills, knowledge, attitudes, concepts and action.  

It represents the independent learning that is sparked by the students' interests and passion surrounding key issues that they want to inquire into, and ultimately take action on, to improve or create awareness about circumstances around these issues.

The exhibition also serves largely as a testament to the collaborative nature of our program, and epitomizes the meaning of what it means to be a true IB student, an internationally-minded, global citizen. This year our student body have truly risen above all challenges in executing their first virtual style exhibition presentation, and we are very proud of them for keeping our Raffles World Academy flag, flying high.


PYP Virtual Exhibition Launch


“The only difference between success and failure is the ability to take action”