At RWA we believe that learning takes place in all environments, at all times. For this reason we provide a range of trips from day-long excursions within Dubai and the Emirates to overseas field trips.

Students grow through these initiatives by taking on new responsibilities and experiencing the world through real-life contexts. They learn teamwork skills working and living with other students. They develop cultural understanding and tolerance, recognising and appreciating the differences while working towards common goals. They develop character by facing real life situations, and they enjoy and learn to greater respect the world and environment around them experiencing new places and people.

Some of the regular overseas trips involve an interdepartmental London trip encompassing aspects of both drama and English and also our annual ski trip. We have also seen our students travel to the U.S. on space camps and technology field trips to Silicon Valley.

Locally our students enjoy a range of opportunities to experience learning outside of the normal
classroom sphere with retreats and grade level camps as well as subject specific trips.

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