The parent association of Raffles World Academy (PARWA) has always been an active one. We currently comprise of 21 dedicated volunteer parents on the executive committee of PARWA whose sole aim is to enhance the learning experience of all RWA children.

Our motto is 'Empowering Future Generations' and we have been and will keep on doing so with our numerous academically inclined focus groups and initiatives. We used to be called Paris (West Campus) Till 2016-17, but rebranded ourselves to Parwa last year. Our Parent Association was established in 2006 and we have come a long way since then. We function on an integrated model where we work hard with the school management, faculty, students and parents.

Our contributions over the years

  • Sponsoring resource materials and books for different language departments and the RWA library (since 2013)
  • Al Baraha - a peaceful sitting area for the entire RWA community (2013-14)
  • Gifted the RWA stallions mascot to the school (2016-17)
  • Sponsoring various events and competitions (2013 onward)
  • Partly sponsoring national day & international day
  • Sponsoring student led initiatives, events and projects
  • Sponsoring the principal’s award luncheon
  • Helping the school to enhance the Arabic learning experience (since 2013)
  • Hosting the first ever artist’s pallet (2017-18)
  • Getting more parents involved thru our different focus groups
  • Organizing various workshops in different areas of interest for parents
  • Helping the school to reach out to parents thru our social media
  • Second hand shop - parents can buy clean second hand uniforms
  • Raising funds thru bake sales & other events to financially support above activities and focus group projects
  • Hosting the annual teachers’ appreciation luncheon
  • Hosting annual security and cleaning staff luncheon
  • Hosting our annual ‘career fair’ for upper primary/secondary school
  • Inviting parents to offer job shadowing opportunities for our grade 11 students


PARWA Executive Committee 2018-2019


Chair PersonSaira Haseeb Khurram
Vice Chair (Secondary School)Abeer Badran
Vice Chair (Primary School)Dina Al-Amudi
Parent Coordinator (Secondary School)Nadia Valli
Parent Coordinator (Primary School)Andrea Marchon
SecretaryQamar Fayyaz
TreasurerHira Iqbal
Events CoordinatorElena Zaglaridou
Social Media CoordinatorDina Al-Amudi
Second Hand Shop CoordinatorTeresa Ieva
Second Hand Shop AssistantBarbara Mandolesi
Focus Groups
Arabic Focus Group CoordinatorRana Albhari
Arabic Focus Group AssistantQamar Fayyaz
Arts Focus Group CoordinatorSeema Poorswani
Cultural LiaisonMariam Bin Tamim
Cultural Liaison AssistantAalya Janahi
Eco Focus Group CoordinatorJulie Arfaoui
International Focus Group CoordinatorDina Al-Amudi
International Focus Group AssistantAndrea Marchon
Islamic Focus Group CoordinatorSafeena Rangooni
Islamic Focus Group AssistantNousheen Zeeshan
P.E. Focus Group CoordinatorKaren Maadad
P.E. Focus Group AssistantLiza Jensen
Stem (Science) Focus Group CoordinatorLuisa Ghiringhelli
Stem (ICT) Focus Group CoordinatorSeema Poorswani
Stem (Math) Focus Group CoorindatorDounya Derrar

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